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Indigo Autos is a privately owned Family Run business with 25 years Franchised dealership experience. We specialise in Car, Commercial and Camper Sales. We supply and prepare our vehicles to the highest standards using a select few local businesses for all of preparation work, this drives down cost and allows us to be competitive in the market place. We also invite Sale Or Return Business and Car Finder Searches. We are always looking for new avenues and collaborative projects so please approach us if you have any fresh automotive ideas. We offer a Professional, level headed, approachable and honest business where we work with our clients to get the best results

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It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3…. Well actually it’s as easy as 3 – 2 – 1…

By taking a moment to complete a time and movement analysis we have found something interesting and potentially unique within camp Indigo;

In any given purchase that we make, through to the sale of this vehicle to a happy new customer we have found this…

We spend 3 times as much time at the purchase end of any vehicles life with us as Indigo. By this we mean we research, we compare, we investigate and check each vehicle thoroughly.

Then at stage 2 we take twice as long to go to market correctly, we spec check, we video and we take quality images that not only showcase the vehicle but also offers the level of transparency required to build lasting relationships with our clients, this not only helps in this instance but also increases our opportunities with repeat and referral business in the future.

This makes step 1, the purchase for you the end user easier, smoother, quicker and ultimately more hassle free, allowing you to buy with confidence.

We belief by having our 3-2-1- route to market, this not only protects us but it also insures the best quality products are purchased and therefore provided by us to our loyal customer base.